Based on your responses, your unique fashion entrepreneurial archetype is...

Creative Innovator:

As a Creative Innovator, you possess a natural flar for design and creativity. You thrive on pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers in the fashion industry. Your avant-garde approach and artistic vision make you a trendsetter and a source of inspiration for others. Your ab lity to think outside the box and create unique fashion concepts sets you apart from the crowd. Whether it's through innovative designs, unconventional materials, or groundbreaking techniques, you continuously challenge the norms and breathe new life into the fashion world.

What you can do next:

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The Ultimate Time Management-Toolkit

Stay on track to bring your nnovative visions to life! Get the exact planning tools from my days working at various apparel corporations that I used to effectively run my clothing company for 10 years.

What's included in this FREE toolkit?

  • The Time Management Matrix
  • Your Big Picture Plan
  • The Entrepreneur Success Calendar
  • Product Development Timeline
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You'll also get access to these training videos:

Lesson 1: Time Management Matrix
Lesson 2: Big Picture Plan & Sprints
Lesson 3: Why Calendars are your BFF
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