The Apparel Business Summit is Open for Registration

The Apparel Business Summit is Now Open for Registration

Light your Fire Personal Growth Program

This is the permission slip you’ve been waiting for…

I know you have dreams and fears about transitioning from j-o-b to earning in your own right. I want to help you say YES to your genius and stop doing all of the things that are getting in the way of making things that feel good to make. What matters is that you use your dreams as fuel to move you forward. That’s why I’m inviting you to my Fire Starter Sessions Personal Growth Program.

Based on the book by Danielle LaPorte, The Fire Starter Sessions is the permission slip you’ve been waiting for — to fully want what you want and go for it, to expand your consciousness and your cash flow, to up the ante on your dreams, to be incredibly generous with your love.

In my Fire Starter Sessions coaching course you and I will:


Burn up some perceptions around other ideas of “success.”


Declare your superpowers — hone in on your true strengths instead of trying to be well-rounded (because being well-round is highly overrated.)


Become a sovereign of time management — learn the difference between “Power Time” and “Tyrant Time”.


Create a Stop Doing List. (What you stop doing is just as critical to your success as what you start doing.)

I’ve got some burning questions about your truest desires — from career to relationships — that will help you get clear that the only permission you need to shine… is your own.

The Fire Starter Sessions has changed the way I live and thrive in my business, and I am so thrilled to share this experience with you. I’d be honoured to support you in doing everything that makes you come alive.

Love, Glynis

“I had the sincere pleasure in being in Glynis’ business coaching session named “The Fire Starter Sessions”. Man, did I learn a lot about myself, and how to contextualize my past to put me on track to my future. You should try business coaching, really. No matter what you do, who you are, how skeptical you might be – if you open up to yourself, you can overcome things that drag you down. Thank you Glynis!”

Alicja Mazur
Director of Communications and Community

“I was a participant in the FSS group workshop and found it very rich in content and resourceful. Some of the worksheet questions made me think about myself in a different way. The questions also helped me to sort out my self-doubt, let go of the past and made me actually take action to move forward. Overall it was a lot of fun!”

Joanne A. Shih
Science Editor and Business Developer
GeneOnline News

“The day I participated in Glynis’ workshop I was having a particularly bad day, week… heck, month even. In fact, I almost didn’t go at all! But MAN am I glad I did, the group setting was amazing. Hearing people talk about the things they struggle with and realizing that I also struggle with the same things, then working together to find solutions and tools to better handle future ruts turned it around for me. I found the session very beneficial, both to my needs as a woman and a business owner. It helped me heal my soul.

I would highly recommend Glynis to anyone who might be interested in bettering themselves from the inside.”

Ashley Marie
Founder/ Creative Director
Lonely Cloud Design

Curriculum Outline

There are a total of 10 sessions in the program. Each session is approximately 60 minutes and structured out as follows: Theory, Worksheet, Conversation, Assignment.


1. Declare Your Super Powers

In this session, we explore the
following topics:

  • The Burning Questions
  • Being Well-Rounded is highly overrated
  • Play with passions (worksheet)
  • Identify your genius
  • What do people thank you for?

2. The Metrics of Ease

In this session, we explore the
following topics:

  • Easy is Efficient,
  • Quality Easy vs. Cheap Easy (worksheet)
  • What if you only did what was easy?
  • Inviting Ease

3. Visioneering

In this session, we explore the
following topics:

  • Facing forward & productive output
  • Purge the past (worksheet)
  • Share your dreams
  • Create your vision

4. Fear & Other Tough Stuffs

In this session, we explore the
following topics:

  • Respect your fear
  • Deconstructing fear (worksheet)
  • Responding to fear
  • What fear tells you.

5. Make Stuff That Feels Good To Make

In this session, we explore the
following topics:

  • No make way for yes
  • What business are you really in? (worksheet)
  • Seeing your light
  • The stop doing list

6. How You Show Up In The World

In this session, we explore the
following topics:

  • Yes, you’re a brand
  • All-about-you interview (worksheet)
  • Embracing self promotion
  • Who’s great

7. Calling All Sovereigns Of Time

In this session, we explore the
following topics:

  • Time is here to serve you
  • Tyrant time vs. Power time (worksheet)
  • Busy Trap
  • A perfect twelve

8. Money: More Is More. Enough Is Plenty

In this session, we explore the
following topics:

  • Getting emotional about money
  • Freely associate with money (worksheet)
  • My purpose for money

9. Get Support & Get Started

In this session, we explore the
following topics:

  • Who’s your Tribe
  • Sizing Up Sympatico (worksheet)
  • Be the giver
  • Support team inventory

10. Just Start Now

In this session, we explore the
following topics:

  • Practicality + Ambition
  • How will you make it happen?
  • Future gratitude
  • Closing & Prayers

Light your Fire

personal growth program

10 one-on-one coaching sessions
36 page workbook

Your price: 3 payments of $297


“Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it.”

-Oprah Winfrey

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