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Preparing Your Clothing Brand for Wholesale Success with Misty-Dawn Paulson

Oct 24, 2023

My guest today is fashion wholesale agent Misty-Dawn Paulson, owner of Mstydon Group Fashion Wholesale Agency in Vancouver BC.

Misty-Dawn has made it a mission to make sure they only work with brands who’s first priority is to make sure their footprint is as minimal as possible. Some focus on eco textiles, some focus on fair production, some manufacturer in Canada, some use upcycled fabrics… the list goes on!

Having worked with a range of successful clothing brands, Misty-Dawn shares insights about preparing a brand for the wholesale market.

In this episode, Misty-Dawn explains the significance of wholesale in the fashion industry and why it’s an important distribution channel for clothing brands. She outlines the essential criteria and characteristics a brand needs to be considered “wholesale-ready.” This includes factors like product line development, pricing strategies, and production capacity.

She delves into the intricacies of pricing strategies for wholesale, offering practical advice on how brands can set competitive prices while maintaining healthy profit margins.

You will learn how a brand’s production capacity and lead times factor into their readiness for wholesale. She discusses the importance of meeting quality control standards for successful wholesale operation.

Lastly, she discusses how brands can stay ahead of market trends and adapt their product line to meet changing demands in the wholesale market.

You can find out more about Misty-Dawn Paulson on her website: https://www.mstydon.com/ Her Instagram is instagram.com/mstydon/

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