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LIVE Webinar with Glynis - Free Online Training

LIVE Webinar with Glynis - Free Online Training

Designer – Entrepreneur – Consultant – Speaker

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Hi, I’m Glynis.

I’m an accomplished apparel professional with more than 20 years progressive and diversified experience within the wholesale and manufacturing environments with a particular focus in athletic and fashion apparel.

I help designers, entrepreneurs and apparel professionals navigate through the complexities of the ever-changing apparel landscape.

I started my clothing business Punch Brand in 2005 as a hobby while I was working full-time in the apparel industry.

The hobby eventually turned into a full-time business for me that led to creating and selling my products globally. At one point, I caught the attention of the Google campus merchandise buyer and we collaborated on several official Android apparel and accessories for the Google store. I ran Punch Brand for an amazing 10 years!

Prior to Punch Brand, I worked for many well-known apparel companies in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, and Hong Kong. My last position was Product Manager at Reebok where I managed their licensed product lines.

I have been featured in the Vancouver Sun, National Post, and the Globe & Mail.

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