A Case Study

hernest project

Client: hernest project

Platform: Shopify

Project Timeline: 8 Months

Goals: Ranking, Traffic, Sales


hernest project produces comfortable loungewear and sleepwear for women. Their business is built on the principles of good design, circularity, social justice and being a voice for change. They have developed a science- based sustainability strategy to influence others in the industry by changing the world through their business practices.

When I first started working with hernest project, the founder expressed dissatisfaction with the work done by a previous SEO service provider. She said they were putting words on the page that didn’t match her brand’s ethos. I assured her that any on-page changes I do would be shown to her for approval before making those changes. We’ve been working together since January 2021, and I’m happy that it’s been a very collaborative effort of getting their website ranking on search engines. They are currently outranking their competitors in visibility resulting in organic search being their second highest online store sessions by traffic source and second highest sales by traffic source (after direct). Their organic traffic has been performing quite consistently bringing in a steady amount of traffic, sales and has the lowest bounce rate of all traffic sources.

The Challenge: 

When we started they were not ranking for many of the preferred keywords in their niche. They had very little organic traffic to their website, their main traffic sources were Direct, Social and Referral. They were getting some sales through organic search but mostly from direct and returning customers.

The Process:

  1. We performed a site audit to determine if there were any technical errors- performance issues, crawlability, broken links, duplicate content, etc., that needed to be fixed. We were able to improve the site health score from 77% to 91%.
  2. We started with Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis. Checking the keywords their competitors were ranking for, then did keyword mapping to determine which pages to place target keywords. We then optimized every webpage with title tags, meta descriptions and image alt tags.
  3. We created a 3 step link building strategy to identify top referring domains in their niche, performed outreach and gained dozens of high quality, relevant backlinks from high domain authority websites.

The Results

Keywords Ranking in Top 10: 7

Top keywords by positive impact:

best sleepwear, lounge dress, women’s sleepwear, midweight crewneck sweatshirt, best loungewear for women.

Increase in Store Sessions by Traffic Source from Search: 50%

Increase in Sales by Traffic Source from Search: 58%

% of sales resulting from Search: 19%

# of referring domains: 174

# of backlinks: 507

Year to date Acquisition by Sessions:

(January – August 2021)

Excellent support and experience in this space!

“Glynis is by far the absolute best SEO expert I have worked with – she understands SEO, stays abreast of industry changes and how that may affect the business, and she recommends additional actions needed to optimize your account. Excellent support and experience in this space!”

Jean D.
Alumna House