A Case Study

Sirani’s Fashion

Client: Sirani’s Fashion

Platform: Shopify

Project Timeline: 9 Months

Goals: Increase traffic and rankings

About this fashion SEO project:

Sirani’s Fashion is an African-inspired fashion brand that aims to bring African designs and art to the forefront of the fashion industry. The owner of Sirani’s Fashion reached out to me for help with technical issues with their site that was related to their hreflang tags and page speed. After we got the technical issues resolved we were ready to work on their on-page SEO.


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The SEO Challenge:

When we started, Sirani’s had done a good job at building their business through paid ads and social media. They had been in business for about a year and half and wanted to grow their business into Canada and US markets. The website had not been optimized for search (no title tags, meta descriptions and image alt text). They had done a little bit of work with blog writing but were interested in doing more blogs. They wanted to be on the first page of Google for the keywords african clothing, african dresses, african clothing for women, african jewelry, african head wraps, african print dresses, african fashion.

The Process:

Sirani’s Fashion is a niche business selling African-inspired clothing and accessories. We were able to easily identify who their main competitors were. One brand in particular was well established and had a lot of organic traffic. I was able to identify that company’s SEO strategy was through blogs as that was where the majority of their organic traffic was coming from. My strategy for Sirani’s was to focus on increasing quality blog content around topics their target customers would be interested in. We took this 3 step approach:

  1. Define Objectives: Start by clearly outlining their business objectives and how the blog will contribute to achieving them.
  2. Know Their Audience: Identify and understand their target audience so that they can create content that matters to them.
  3. Perform Keyword Research: Integrate keyword research into their blog content strategy to optimize their blogs for search engines.

SEO Results:

Out of their Top 5 organic traffic pages, 3 of them are blog articles!

Top performing blog we wrote: Fashion Trends That Originated From African Culture

  • Posted on March 29th, 2023
  • Impressions = 127,226 impressions in the past 6 months
  • Clicks = 2,163 in the past 6 months

This graph from Google Search Console shows the blogs performance in the last 6 months. On the left is the number of clicks and the right is impressions.The blue line is measuring clicks and the purple line is measuring impressions. In September the blog was getting 11 clicks and 425 impressions. By the end of February, it reached 35 clicks and close to 2200 impressions per day.

This blog ranks for over 1000 keywords including high volume keywords (based on US search volume):

  • African Attire for Women (9900)
  • Traditional African Clothing (2900)
  • African Fashion (2400)
  • Fashion in Africa (2400)
  • African Culture Clothing (880)
  • African Clothing Styles (6600)
  • African Fashion Styles (1000)
  • African Attire (590)

Top Ranking Keywords on Page 1 of Google for this blog:

  • African Cloth
  • African Fashion Trends
  • African Fashion History
  • Fashion in Africa
  • African Clothing Brand
  • African Fashion
  • African Shirts
  • African Cultures

What does this all mean?

In conclusion, by understanding what your customers are searching for, you can come up with relevant blog topics to write about, and do search engine optimization to get them ranking higher on Google Search Engine Results

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This is a story that was able to take place because of the collaboration.

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