SEO Blog Writing Services

for E-Commerce Fashion Brands

Want to create high quality blogs that will make your brand stand out and increase your website’s organic traffic?

We help fashion companies produce high-quality blog posts that will appeal to human readers and search engine algorithms.

Key Features and Benefits of a Blog Content Strategy for Effective Content Marketing

Keyword Optimized

Higher search visibility, rankings, and long-term organic traffic.


Grab your target audience’s attention and lead them to make an informed purchase of your products or services.


Voice and style that differentiates you from your competition.

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Google's search quality rater guidelines reward high-quality, people-first content.

Google rewards original, relevant, people-first content. This year, Google announced new changes in their efforts to provide search engine users with websites that are more useful and relevant while removing unhelpful or spammy websites. Google expects to “reduce low-quality, unoriginal content in search results by 40%.”

What does this mean for your SEO blog strategy?

  1. Stop wasting your time making content for the sake of content
  2. Focus on quality over quantity to drive results
  3. Be yourself and be original to cut through the noise and get noticed

We work with fashion companies to plan and write SEO blogs that will grow their business

We know brand owners are often too busy or unsure of what to write about—not only that—fashion brand owners aren’t typically trained writers.

What will bring more eyeballs to your website to funnel in more sales?

What style of writing will resonate with your customers?

We’re here to help you remove these blogging roadblocks that are setting you back from growing your leads and sales.

I am a Fashion SEO Specialist with over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, and I work with a team of skilled human writers to deliver high-quality content writing services.

Our strengths:

  • SEO data-driven approach based on latest knowledge on Google Search algorithms
  • Professional writing and editing expertise
  • Authenticity, creativity and human perspective

Choose from our SEO Blog Service packages:

1. SEO Website Content Analysis

Website content & competitor analysis, keyword research and planning.

2. Expert-Informed High Quality SEO Blog Writing

Full service, on-brand and one-of-a-kind blogs based on real interviews with your in-house experts.

It’s easy to get started:

1. Schedule a call.

2. Discuss your goals with an SEO Specialist.

3. Create a tailored blog strategy to increase your brand’s visibility and sales.

Choose a data-driven, on-brand blogging approach to stay visible and drive more traffic to your website

What's included?

Package A - SEO Website Content Analysis and Planning

Website content & competitor analysis, keyword research & planning

How is your website content doing now?

Where are the opportunities to get your pages to rank higher?

What should you do next with your blog content in order to stay visible on search results?

This package includes in-depth analysis and reporting on your website’s content health. You will get a game plan for potential topics and keywords to target within a cohesive topic cluster and internal linking model that aligns with your SEO strategy.

Price: Starting at $550

This option is for you if:

  • You are a new, current or former client that has done some SEO and want to continue the momentum
  • You are tired of wondering what to write and need a plan
  • You want to stay visible in Google Search results
  • You want to keep your site relevant, ranking with keywords, and growing in site authority
  • You don’t want to invest in your own SEO tools for keyword research and analysis

Service Includes:

  • Initial Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Identify audience search intent
  • Current content analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Checking internal links
  • Topic cluster creation
  • Blog topic recommendations
  • Written report and key data from the analysis
  • 60-minute phone call to review results, strategy ideas, and next steps

Package B - Expert-Informed SEO Blog Writing
Stand out, stay on-brand, and demonstrate your expertise to gain trust and interest from your niche target audience.

Includes Package A + Fully written high-quality blogs

In this option we write original value-rich blogs for you—based on real interviews with experts within your company (founders, designers, artisans etc.).

  • Adheres to the Google Helpful Content model to give your readers relevant and helpful content that’s SEO optimized
  • Infuses your brand’s unique personality to really stand out and resonate with your ideal customers
  • Fun, creative and collaborative

This option is for you if:

  • You have useful knowledge and interesting insights that would help your target audience get closer to making an informed decision to purchase your products or services
  • You struggle with translating your expertise into a well-written SEO-friendly blog
  • You want to save time and focus on running your business versus writing content

Examples of Types of content:

  • Founder stories
  • Explaining your processes
  • Comparisons
  • How to guides

How it works:

  1. Blog content strategy and planning by an SEO Specialist
  2. Establish blog topics based on SEO and keyword research
  3. Our blog writer will interview your in-house expert (recorded on video and transcribed)
  4. One of our human writers will outline, draft and write the article for you (up to 1000 words)
  5. Receive SEO and content optimized blog in electronic document format

BONUS! We will also provide you with a set of 5 social media captions that you can use for social media and newsletter promotion

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Case study

Sirani's Fashion

Platform: Shopify
Project Timeline: 9 Months
Goals: Increase traffic and rankings

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use AI to write SEO blogs?

No. Our blogs are written by humans.

AI creates regurgitated information that already exists online. It’s not original. We believe that the most resonant blogs that drive meaningful connections with humans are ones that are written by skilled human writers.

That said, do we use AI at all?

Yes we do, because this is modern times. We use AI to help us create more efficiency in our blog service. We use AI tools to:

  • Transcribe speech and generate notes for us to use in our manual writing process
  • Researching industry-specific definitions so that we can explain in plain language

Testimonials from Fashion SEO Clients

Glynis makes SEO easy to understand

"Glynis improved my website’s SEO by identifying and resolving key issues that affected its visibility. She fixed keyword optimization, backlink quality, and technical SEO errors. Her strategic approach and effective techniques boosted rankings and increased organic traffic.

Glynis is an exceptional SEO professional specializing in the fashion industry. With excellent customer service skills and a commitment to addressing questions and resolving problems, she has greatly benefited my linen clothing business.

Her open-mindedness and willingness to embrace new ideas make her stand out. Her communication is clear and she simplifies complex concepts, making it easy for me to understand.

If you’re struggling with your online visibility or need an SEO specialist to optimize your website, Glynis is the perfect choice."

Nomi Levi,
Founder/ Designer, Nomi Designs

Glynis is a guru when it comes to driving traffic to your site!

I've been working with Chase Your Dreams for over 4 months and I can't say enough how thankful I am to work with such an incredible business. This is a results based industry and Glynis is a guru when it comes to driving traffic to your site! I highly recommend this company.

Shauna A,
Modern Match Lingerie

It was an absolute pleasure working with Glynis.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Glynis. She was very supportive, encouraging, and helped me with the growth of my business, guiding me the right way. I really don't know what a small and very new business like mine would do without the services her business provides. I highly recommend her services to all businesses big or small.

Tripti S,
Ammarah Collective

I highly recommend working with Glynis to help your company grow.

“ Glynis has been a big part of the Success of The Good Tee. We’ve got so much organic growth with her help. I highly recommend working with them to help your company grow.”

Adila C,
The Good Tee