A Case Study

Nomi Designs

Client: Nomi Designs

Platform: Squarespace

Project Timeline: 12 Months

Goals: brand awareness, ranking, traffic, sales


Nomi Designs makes minimalist, eco-friendly linen clothing that is sourced ethically and produced locally in Victoria, BC, Canada. The vision behind Nomi Designs is to create pieces that are flattering and fashionable for every body. Nomi Designs was founded on the principles of sustainability, slow fashion, and ethical production. Each item is made-to-order and made in Canada, ensuring fine quality and good practice.

When the founder, Nomi first reached out to me, she explained that her goal was to be on the first page of Google search for the keywords linen clothing, linen dresses and linen clothes canada. She also wanted to increase sales volume from the online store and expand her brand reach beyond Canada, into other countries such as the United States, Australia, South America, and Europe.

We’ve been working together since October 2021, and I’m so pleased with Nomi’s enthusiasm and openness to taking recommendations and feedback to make her site better and better. They are currently outranking their competitors in visibility and keyword rankings resulting in organic search being their highest traffic channel.

The Challenge: 

When we started, Nomi Designs had done a good job at building brand awareness through direct, word of mouth and in-person sales. They had been in business for 4 years and wanted to expand their online DTC sales. The website had not been optimized for search (no title tags, meta descriptions and image alt text). They also had a lot of colour variations for the product offerings. I recommended to streamline the products by organizing the collections by styles and colour options thus making it easier for the customer to navigate through the site. Rather than scrolling through pages and pages of products in the shop page. 

The Process:

  1. We performed a site audit to check for any technical errors with the website. We set up Google Analytics (UA and GA4), Google Search Console and Google Business Profile. We submitted the sitemap to Google and Bing for crawling and indexing. We checked the website structure as well as page crawl depth, internal links and broken links that needed fixing. 
  2. We started with keyword research and competitive analysis. Checking the keywords their competitors were ranking for, then did keyword mapping to sort keywords into logical categories and determine which pages to place target keywords. We then optimized every webpage with title tags, meta descriptions and image alt tags. We also added additional on-page content, and a blog to capture important keywords. 
  3. We optimized for Google My Business, ensuring name, address and phone number are consistent online. Next we submitted the site to over 48 local, national and niche directories, listings and citations to help with local SEO.

The Results

Keywords Ranking in Top 3: 12

Keywords Ranking in Top 10: 30

Top keywords by positive impact(page 1 Google):

linen dresses canada, linen clothing, linen clothing canada, linen clothes canada, linen womens clothing, linen tote bag, linen clothing vancouver, minimalist linen clothing canada, linen victoria bc, linen clothing online

  • % of sales resulting from Search (Google): 39.2%
  • % of sales resulting from Search: 36.1%
  • # of backlinks: 341

Year to date Acquisition by Sessions:

(January – November 2022)

Her strategic approach and effective techniques boosted rankings and increased organic traffic.

Glynis improved my website’s SEO by identifying and resolving key issues that affected its visibility. She fixed keyword optimization, backlink quality, and technical SEO errors. Her strategic approach and effective techniques boosted rankings and increased organic traffic.

Glynis is an exceptional SEO professional specializing in the fashion industry. With excellent customer service skills and a commitment to addressing questions and resolving problems, she has greatly benefited my linen clothing business.

Her open-mindedness and willingness to embrace new ideas make her stand out. Her communication is clear and she simplifies complex concepts, making it easy for me to understand.

If you’re struggling with your online visibility or need an SEO specialist to optimize your website, Glynis is the perfect choice.


Nomi Levi,
Founder/ Designer, Nomi Designs