Want better visibility for your fashion website?
Download my SEO checklist now!

Want better visibility for your fashion website? Download my SEO checklist now!

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How to start a niche clothing business

Today I’m going to share my story how I launched my 6-figure clothing business with only $25. Beginning a career in fashion starts with getting the right education My journey into clothing design started very early during my high school years. From my very first...

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How to Find Small Run Clothing Manufacturers

Are you a fashion designer who has an amazing idea for a clothing line but not sure how to begin to get it made? New designers often struggle to connect with the right factories to launch their businesses. They usually don’t have connections in the industry and lack...

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How to Prepare for Trade Shows and Conventions

In this episode, I will provide 3 tips when deciding to do a trade show or convention based on my experience of exhibiting at over 100 shows. This episode was recorded at Hanauma Bay in Hawaii. Just a heads up, there will be sounds of waves crashing, birds chirping...

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The Power of Niching

Do you want to learn how to target your best customers without coming across as salesy and pushy? Do you need clarity around what specific product best represents what you actually sell? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. In this episode you will learn: What...

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Budgeting and Financing Tips for your Fashion Business

Today we’re talking about Cash Flow, Budgeting and Financing for your clothing business. Here’s what we will cover in this episode: How to manage your cash flow How to make a budget Ways you can seek financing for your business. Download The Clothing Brand Owner’s...

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Time Management Strategies for Busy Fashion Entrepreneurs

In this podcast, I will teach you the time management secrets that I learned from working at various corporations in the apparel industry to effectively run my clothing business for 10 years. Here’s the download links for the planning tools I used to run my company:...

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How to Validate your Business Idea

Hello everyone and welcome to Chase Your Dreams podcast. I'm so happy that you can join me here today. This episode is about knowing who your ideal client is. This is SO important and I cannot emphasize this enough, to anyone who is starting a business. Not just a...

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How to use SEO for your clothing brand

This is a presentation recorded at Apparel Camp in Vancouver on October 5, 2019.   Do you have a website that gets little to no organic traffic? If you have a brand new website or even a website that’s getting little to no traffic, you can still generate a lot of...

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