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Navigating The Fashion Industry During Turbulent Times with Adila Cokar

Dec 9, 2020

I have a super awesome treat for you today. I’m interviewing my friend and fellow fashion entrepreneur Adila Cokar who’s an expert in offshore manufacturing.⁣

⁣Adila is a media- acclaimed, award-winning serial entrepreneur and author of the recently released book “Source My Garment- The Insiders Guide to responsible offshore manufacturing. She’s also the Founder of The Good Tee, an apparel company which offers sustainable fashion basics that are fair trade certified and fully traceable from farm to the warehouse.⁣

⁣In this episode, Dee shares her story and lessons she’s learned through her entrepreneur journey. She talks about how this pandemic is affecting the factories and garment workers overseas.⁣

⁣She answers the questions, do you think this pandemic will force the industry to be more sustainable? And what are the misconceptions start ups have with the cost of manufacturing overseas? ⁣

⁣Despite what’s going on in the world today, Dee is actively working on her business and maintains an optimistic mindset. It’s a very uplifting conversation which you don’t want to miss. ⁣