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How to Build a Creative Business and Personal Brand with Thomas Girard

Nov 24, 2023

Welcome to Chase Your Dreams, a podcast for fashion entrepreneurs who are ready to pursue their passion and make a living doing what they love. I’m your host, Glynis Tao and today we have the pleasure of sitting down with Thomas Girard, a Canadian Scholar, TEDx Speaker, and the host of the Uniqueways podcast based in Vancouver, Canada.

Thomas Girard has not only been accepted to attend the University of Oxford for lectures equivalent to graduate coursework but has also received multiple Emerging Scholar awards, notably at the Design Principles and Practices conference in Barcelona, Spain, and Emily Carr University of Art and Design. He is also a recipient of the RBC Emerging Scholar award from the Royal Bank of Canada Foundation and an Emerging Scholar award from the New Directions in the Humanities conference in Madrid, Spain for 2021.

The conversation delves into Thomas’ journey as a scholar, instructor, and creator in the arts and design space.

Thomas talks about what inspired him to start his podcast, Uniqueways with Thomas Girard and sheds light on his creative process, especially with over 120 episodes having spoken to influential figures like John Maeda, Debbie Millman, Eric Spiekermann, and Chris Do.

Thomas shares valuable insights he has gathered from these creative minds, and offers tips on building a creative business and personal brand.

He also talks about his TEDx talk, “How to feel at home in the airport.” And the opportunities that have arose from that experience.

Finally, Thomas gives fascinating insights into how he foresees AI is changing the way we do business. He talks about how he has integrated AI into his business, social posts, and research endeavors.

You can find out more about Thomas Girard on his website: https://thomaskgirard.com/and his podcast Uniqueways with Thomas Girard

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