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How to Start a Niche Clothing Brand with Miranda Sam

Oct 31, 2023

My guest today is Miranda Sam, founder of Shortlisted, a niche clothing brand dedicated to making life easier for short women (5'4 and under).

How? Through petite proportions, functional design, and foolproof styling versatility. This means no more spending extra time, money or emotional energy on alterations, online returns, size guides, dry cleaning, or shamefully shopping the kids section!

She’s worked as a Fashion Marketer, Retail Manager, Fashion Journalist and Blogger in a career spanning 15 years. Miranda has also been a guest speaker at VCC, JCI, UBC, and Apparel Camp.

Miranda talks to us about why she decided to start a clothing brand for short women. She walks us through some of the steps she's had to go through to get her clothes sampled and manufactured.

She shares openly about some of the biggest lessons she's learned with the launch of her brand. As well as the hard truth she's had to face when it comes to pricing her products for the market.

You can find out more about Miranda Sam on her website: https://theshortlisted.co/ Her Instagram is instagram.com/shortlistedco/

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