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How to Stay True to Who You Are. An Interview with Fashion Designer Ryan Amore

Dec 17, 2022

My guest today is Vancouver-based celebrity fashion designer Ryan Amore. He specializes in women’s evening wear, occasion wear, athletic wear and high fashion. He’s worked with high end clients such as Christian Dior & Zac Posen.

In this episode, Ryan talks about how he got his start in the fashion industry. How he developed his strong technical skills through various job experiences he’s had and then uses those skills to run his own design studio. He takes us through the process of garment development from sketch to final product.

He explains how clothing companies are adapting to the pandemic. He answers the questions, what trends will come out of this pandemic? And should you be starting something new right now?

He talks about how he navigates through different work environments. He gives advice on how to stay grounded and true to yourself in an industry that’s very image focused, and not to lose your identity when you’re working for an employer or client.

You can see more of Ryan’s work at ryanamoreinc.com