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We Need To Get Real. An Interview with Fashion Designer Stella Carakasi

Jan 2, 2023

Stella Carakasi has been a fashion disruptor since 1993 when she launched the first, highly controversial hemp clothing collection in the United States. Her work continued to raise the eco-fashion bar and helped moving the emerging green revolution forward.

In this episode, Stella takes us through her journey of building several successful fashion companies and some of the difficult decisions she’s had to make as a business owner.

This conversation is a powerful, truth telling and insightful look into the fashion industry as Stella shares a very important message to her audience as well as to young and emerging designers. This is unfiltered real talk that covers areas such as:

– why she took the gamble and left wholesale behind

– why it’s the brands’ responsibility to work towards sustainability, but don’t lead with it

– why business is not for the faint of heart

– why it’s important to start with your values

– why you need to know your customer

You can find out more about Stella Carakasi on her website: www.stellacarakasi.com Her Instagram is instagram.com/stellacarakasi/ and her Facebook page is facebook.com/carakasi/

You can reach Stella by email at stella@stellacarakasi.com