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Styling for Impact: Elevating Clothing Brand Photoshoots with Tamara Gaudin

Oct 10, 2023

My guest today is fashion stylist Tamara Gaudin. Tamara’s work as a stylist reaches from Paris to Mexico, New York City to LA, and Chicago to Dallas. As a personal stylist, Tamara caters to each client through each season, meeting their specific needs for fashion to match their lifestyle.

Tamara discusses what the role of a personal stylist is when it comes to working with clothing brands for a photoshoot. She explains why it's important for a stylist to understand a clothing brand's identity and target audience before a photoshoot.

She give tips about selecting the right pieces and accessories for the shoot and how she adjusts her styling approach for different types of clothing brands.

Lastly, she shares how to evaluate the success of a photoshoot in terms of the impact your styling choices had on the final images.

You can find out more about Tamara Gaudin on her website: https://www.tgstylist.com/ Her Instagram is instagram.com/tamaragaudinstylist

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