5 Fashion E-commerce Marketing Strategies

Nov 28, 2023

Essential Habits that Will Pay Off for Your Online Fashion Business

It's true, e-commerce marketing for your fashion brand is a big job and can feel pretty overwhelming at times. But even if you don't love it, you have to do it! So how can we simplify things a little bit? Today let's focus on a few simple habits that you can set in place to create big wins for your business!

This checklist includes 5 marketing habits that will pay off for your online business—if you do them consistently. The best part? These are relatively low-cost marketing efforts that won't cost you a ton of money.

Think of these items as essential elements in the art of guiding your customers to make a purchase from your e-commerce site.

Give these a go to make more sales!

Habit 1: Improve the Shopping Experience

Recommend Best Sellers on Your Home and Product Page

People often need extra help to make decisions, so recommend your popular items and make sure they are easily visible on your site. Figure out what are your go-to pieces that customers are always buying and talking about, and tag them as “best sellers” on your website. And, if you know those items sell fast, don’t forget to project your inventory levels to make sure you have them in-stock so you don’t lose the sale due to that sad “out of stock” situation.

Habit 2: Show Social Proof

Display Customer Reviews and Testimonials Everywhere

They want proof! Not only do customers need to know and like your brand, they need to trust your brand in order to fork over money to buy products from your online store.

Adding testimonials throughout your webpages is a great way to build trust with your target audience. So make sure you ask customers for feedback and sprinkle those happy customer reviews where they are relevant on your website.

For example, product specific reviews can go on product pages, feedback on your excellent customer service can appear on your contact page—you know the deal!

Habit 3: Do Email Marketing

Collect Addresses and Send Newsletter Emails Regularly

What better way to cut through the noise than by delivering messages directly to your customer’s inbox? Plus, you can measure the open-rates of your emails to check what resonates most with your audience!

Sign-up forms are very easy to create on websites, so if you don’t have one yet, make one to collect email addresses as well as other useful information about your online shop’s visitors.

For example, you can make the area for email addresses into a mandatory field, but include additional optional checkboxes to capture how that person found out about your brand and the types of products that they prefer. Once you have an email list for marketing going, don’t forget to start sending newsletter emails on a consistent basis.

Have fun with your messages by tailoring them to your brand voice and include a catchy subject line. Make your emails informative and conversational, like a friend popping in to say hi and to let you know about hot new product launches, exclusive deals, and freshly published blog articles. Now, doesn’t that all sound like emails that you’ll want to open?

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Habit 4: Create Better Blog Content

Publish High-Value Blogs that are Search Engine Optimized

Yes, quality blogs that educate and entertain your audience can convert to sales. They are a great way to build brand awareness without being salesy. One big benefit of blogs is that it serves as a long-term method to bring traffic to your fashion e-commerce site. Start with understanding what your target market is looking for? Do they need fashion blogs on how to style their garments? Are they concerned about sustainability and want to learn more about your eco-friendly fabrics? Find out what they want to read, then create content around that.

Once you have a well-written blog that caters to what your target customers need and want, then you can start working on search engine optimization for your blog.

As a bonus, blog articles links are nice features to include in your regular newsletters because they funnel potential customers (who aren’t ready to buy something yet) into your website.

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Habit 5: Improve Your Copywriting

Have a Clear Call To Action in All of Your Sections

Simple, but often forgotten—your Call To Action or CTA. If you want to guide customers towards making purchases, you have to provide them with clear direction. Maybe you are reading this from the US or another country, but over here in Canada, we tend to be less “direct” when we communicate.

When writing your web content (including blogs), you need to be direct and tell customers exactly what to do next.

For example, use phrases like “shop now”, “sign-up for”, “take advantage of”, “send us your feedback”. When creating your messaging, think about what you want to achieve and what verbs will drive your audience to take the next step. Include links and buttons that are clearly visible to your reader. You don't need to be an expert at copywriting to do this, and it works!

How many of these marketing checklist items are you currently implementing on your fashion e-commerce website? 

Maybe you’re nodding with full satisfaction because you’re using all these strategies for fashion marketing already, or perhaps you feel your jaw starting to tense a little because you realize—you’ve been missing out on some key opportunities to drive conversions.

It’s okay. The truth is, every business has room to grow and improve no matter where they are at with their marketing. It's never to late to get started on building good habits!

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